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Morgantown, WV Divorce Lawyers Guide You Through the Divorce Process

We represent your best interests in all divorce-related matters

Since 1952, Angotti & Straface, L.C. has represented clients in divorce proceedings. While there are many emotional issues involved, there are also many legal matters that affect your immediate and long-term future, especially when it comes to your children and your financial health. We have helped innumerable West Virginians find a brighter future on the other side of divorce. We guide you step by step through the process, keeping you up to date on the progress of the divorce, answering your questions, and advising you on likely outcomes.

What you need to know about the basics of divorce in West Virginia

If your marriage took place in West Virginia, either you or your spouse must be living in the state at the time a petition for divorce is filed. If you married outside West Virginia, one of you must reside in the state at the time the petition for divorce is filed and that residency must be continued without interruption for one year prior to the filing.

You can file a no-fault divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Grounds for divorce in West Virginia include the following:

  • Voluntary separation, living apart for one year
  • Cruel or inhuman treatment
  • Adultery
  • Conviction of felony crime
  • Habitual drunkenness or drug addiction
  • Desertion for a period of six months or longer
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Permanent and incurable insanity

If you’re the spouse seeking divorce, we can help you file the petition. If you’re the spouse served with the petition, we can walk you through the process and counsel you on your next steps. Protecting your best interests is our goal and our priority. Our divorce lawyers hold the DistinguishedSM Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, so you can rely on us for highly capable and ethical legal services.

Distinguished lawyers handle a range of divorce issues

Divorce is a broad area of legal practice and can include child custody and visitation, parenting plans, and child and spousal support. The family lawyers with Angotti & Straface also routinely handle the following divorce-related matters:

  • Legal separation. Some couples decide to live apart to work out their differences. They may or may not divorce. Still, issues of support and custody must be handled. We can help with legal separation situations and craft a separation agreement.
  • Property division. In West Virginia, the court divides marital property equally between the parties. We can help you prepare for property division and counsel you on likely outcomes.
  • Prenuptial agreements. If you have substantial assets when you enter a marriage, we can draft a tight prenuptial agreement to protect those assets in case the marriage falters. We can also protect clients’ rights as stipulated by prenuptial agreements during divorce proceedings.
  • Postnuptial agreements. Similar to prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements are contracts written and signed after marriage to protect assets in case of divorce or separation.
  • Divorce decree modification. When financial circumstances change, the health of a child changes, and/or the child’s educational needs change, we can file a motion to legally secure a divorce decree modification. Only legally valid post-divorce modifications are enforceable through the courts.

For more than 60 years, Angotti & Straface has helped countless clients through the divorce process. You can rely on our legal knowledge and personal dedication as you move on to the next chapter of your life.

Contact our Morgantown office now for your free divorce consultation

Angotti & Straface, L.C. in Morgantown, WV represents those seeking or facing divorce. We help you understand the present and future decisions that must be made and counsel you throughout the duration of your case. Call us now at 304-212-7368 or contact us online to arrange for your free initial consultation. We offer Spanish translation services if needed.


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